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Step into the rebellious world of rock, punk, and grunge with this original expressionist abstract artwork on paper. A bold fusion of black, pink, and the edgy spirit of the genre, this piece commands attention. Its strong composition, bold mark making, and graffiti-inspired elements evoke the raw energy of the underground scene. Hints of silver add a touch of sophistication, creating a black abstract art composition that is both powerful and visually captivating. Own this unique artwork that captures the essence of rebellion and artistic expression, where each mark and stroke tells a tale of passion and authenticity.


I will always choose to do what I want to do at the moment, regardless of the consequences if my heart is involved… I am a very passionate person and I also have a lot of Mars (action/impulsive/power) on my birth chart (Scorpio sun, Aries rising).
We will always suffer sooner or later anyways (and I am very accustomed to grief and to reborn from ashes). So avoiding pain doesn’t really stops me of going after what I want.
We felt so good together. We could soothe our wounds… just be ourselves on a safe, caring and loving environment.
But we don’t share the same life goals at the moment. We will let each other free… but I will always want my last kiss.

This series was created that last morning sharing studio griefing together in silence.

Etiquettes SERIES
Mixed media Acrylics
65x50cm paper

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