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There are two mains approaches for creativity work. The hustle-industrialist “work everyday even if you don’t feel like it”.

Another approach is that you shouldn’t do anything that feels like a burden or a liability. If you don’t feel like creating it’s because you might be out of alignment. You don’t force the spirit to work through you.

In this case, make your priority be to come back to alignment.
Get some rest, go for a walk. Do something light, visit a friend, go to your favorite coffee shop 🖤

Once you recharge yourself and feel back to alignment you’ll feel naturally inspired to do something creative. Act from spirit not from the mind.

I started these Abstract diptychs with little energy but then on a recharged moment before leaving home for going out I just went through them and finished them as if I was guided to do so. It was so natural and simple.

Some days before I painting this, I was taking a look to Joaquin Torres Garcia work (an artist from Uruguay) that of course I already studied theory and practice when I was just a kid in art school. But definitely inspired this work. I didn’t realised until a friend told me they looked like “cities” or “buildings”. So These diptychs are clearly inspired by my visit to Uruguay my home country and its great artist, this is formally inspired.

“Expressionist constructivism I & II”(diptychs) But they could be sold separately and look great horizontal or vertical!

Acrylics and crayons
84x60cm paper

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