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Where is my link to music? Hard to tell… could it be my stubbornness since I have a hearing loss of at least 40%. But it could also be a family thing… my grandfather was the founder of one of the first radios on my home city, and my dad really enjoys music he also got to have his own radio to play his hits selections.

I started like everyone… recording mixtapes after calling to the radio to ask for the tunes. Sometimes I would go to the Brazil borders and buy some Paraguayan techno DVDs with 100 tracks on it and discover new music worlds.


I got a computer very early in my childhood and also the CDs burner! I used to record my summer music selection and name it “DJ xarlie”. Well in Y2K everything with “x” “z” sounded cool don´t ask me why.

I am an electronic music dance lover so I started learning how to DJ to play the music I wanted to dance! Nowadays I enjoy myself by putting together and recording sets but also going to play some music at the bar and share the love and the vibes with the people!


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