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La Alborotadora (ACQUA series)


Experience the captivating allure of bold expressionism in this original abstract artwork on paper. With striking turquoise accents that command attention, this piece is a stunning testament to the power of artistic and expression of the emotions. Its dynamic composition and bold accent create a visual journey that will captivate any art lover.

Don’t miss the opportunity to own this unique masterpiece, where boldness meets creativity and imagination takes flight!


Painting is a magical process. I can’t describe the feeling of flow, the feeling of being connected to the source… the feeling of being somehow “guided” to bring the elements together.

It’s like to put a puzzle together but without having any reference or goal but sensing when the pieces are right in their place.

That’s what painting intuitively means to me.
Pure joy.

La Alborotadora

ACQUA series
Mixed media on paper
29.7 x 42 cm

*Each artwork is hand signed and a certificate of authenticity issued.

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