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JEM (diptych)


As persons we are a bunch of things that we have live plus our culture, the time we are living at… but every details stays with us somehow. And this is one big difference between abstract or expressionist artists and people who paints more realism. When you see an expressionist abstract painter artworks collection, you can know stuff about them. You can see stuff about who they are, what do they like, what they lack, what are them going through… and I think this is amazing. It’s like a little bit os soul translated into a medium.

This babes were born while I was working on the big canvas. And they reminded me a cartoon I used to LOVE when I was a kid! It’s called JEM! And it was about a young and beautiful barbie-like singer that has LIGHT PINK HAIR I mean, how to not to love her?!? She was superb!!

(Diptych) 42x60cm

Mixed media on paper

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