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Esperanza (ACQUA series)


Experience the captivating allure of bold expressionism in this original abstract artwork on paper. With striking turquoise accents that command attention, this piece is a stunning testament to the power of artistic and expression of the emotions. Its dynamic composition and bold accent create a visual journey that will captivate any art lover.

Don’t miss the opportunity to own this unique masterpiece, where boldness meets creativity and imagination takes flight!


Esperanza (hope) is what it feels to finally clean and organize your room after some time buried under depression or apathy. It is like a tiny sunshine coming through the window after several rainy gray days.. Esperanza (hope) is to finally meet someone who is different from all the people you have meet before and that makes you also meet another version of yourself.
Esperanza is to see that you are able to raise from the ashes over and over again.

ACQUA series
Mixed media on paper

29.7 x 42 cm

*Each artwork is hand signed and a certificate of authenticity issued.

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