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JOIN LIFE (Bella Stasera SERIES)


Explore the dynamic world of mixed media art with this original expressionist piece on paper. Combining shades of grey and black with collage elements, this artwork exudes a unique and vibrant energy. The artist’s adept use of mixed media techniques adds depth and texture to the piece. If you’re in search of a distinctive mixed media art creation that infuses energy and complexity into your space, this one-of-a-kind artwork is an ideal choice


This was a very peaceful afternoon.. where I just started intuitively and then, after some days I picked them up to finish the collage and adding the message.

JOIN LIFE. What are you waiting for? You know your soul is thirsty. What do you want to do? What do you want to create? The universe equals EXPANSION. As you expand yourself you dance with the love soundtrack.

You only have one life. And you can do whatever you like. But for that to happen you need to get to know yourself. Maybe you need to heal some stuff to be able to sit with yourself first. Nobody says it will be easy. But I can say that all the pain, all the loneliness and struggle will worth it.

Heal. Get to know yourself. Go after what you want/get out of that comfort zone. Get to love your self (this is a path not a destiny for many of us). Once you start knowing your VALUE, life will add value to your life. (Better circumstances, better aligned people, abundance, etc).

And please be sure that once you decide to quit the fear path. Once you decide to quit the stuff that is holding you from what you really are, the universe will have your back.
You are never alone. You are divinely guided and supported. But you must connect first with your truth. With your divinity.

Will you watch life from the sofa? Or will you JOIN LIFE?

Bella stasera SERIES
Mixed media
60x42cm paper

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