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SÉ LIBRE (Bella Stasera SERIES)


Discover the captivating world of mixed media art with this expressive and energetic piece on paper. This artwork beautifully combines brown tones with collage elements, creating a composition that exudes a dynamic and unique energy. The artist’s skillful use of mixed media techniques results in a work that’s rich in texture and depth. If you’re seeking a distinctive mixed media art piece that adds warmth and vibrancy to your space, this one-of-a-kind artwork is the perfect choice.


This was a very peaceful afternoon.. where I just started intuitively and then, after some days I picked them up to finish the collage and adding the message.
SÉ LIBRE (be free!) is about forgiving yourself and others… in order to be free.
Why forgiving ourselves? Well, sometimes we could hold resentment for ourselves… as an example, I could be resentful with myself about staying for too much time on an abusive relationship with a narcissist. Like why did you hold up on to it that much time?

Is not our fault. I mean yes, it’s my responsibility to allow someone to affect me that way. But we do what we need/can do at that precisely moment. We don’t know how to do it better… that’s why we are there. We need to learn.

I am a HSP and an Empath and this kind of relationship had great impact on my self esteem and mental health… but it does wakes you up to realize HOW WORTHY YOU ARE. How worthy of peace, of love… of happiness! of freedom! freedom from pain! And that’s when your self love journey begins.

Forgive yourself! You always do your best at the conscious level you are at, at that moment and by carrying all your wounds (that took you to that lesson in first place).
Could you find a reason to forgive your self about anything? Be curious about it.. we are used to blame ourselves for a lot of things.

Bella stasera SERIES
60x42cm paper

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