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pink sunshine



*THIS IS A RECYCLED AND PATCHED CANVAS* special price for this.

The universe is always talking to us. I have let him talk to me since at least 5-7 years ago… if not more.

The universe talks to us through synchronicities (stuff that happens and you think it’s a “coincidence”) but also through numbers, words… and it will also sometimes talk to you through strangers… random people that just leave a message that is quite important for you at that moment or very accurate to what you are thinking, experiencing or living.

It all started with the 17🖤 which is my favorite number (and discovered later that it was my grand grand father’s favorite too) and since several years ago, it’s also my guide number. (I even emigrated to Australia just for a 17’s signal).

So I was back in Alicante after visiting family and friends in Uruguay and I was facing some issues. And the overall situation didn’t motivate me to paint.

And if I don’t get to exercise, paint or search/mix music, my mental health starts declining. And it creates a very dangerous cycle.

So one late morning I was walking home and I saw this medium size canvas next to a bin. 🖤 It was like “there you have, go paint a bit”. And so I did! This artwork brought me joy again.

Pink sunshine
Acrylics, spray paint, pencils & pastels.
Recycled and repaired canvas 60x80cm

600€ *special price for recycled canvas

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