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WHO I AM_UNICA 50x40cm (diptychs)


This journey started with pastels colors and very commercial artsy-housewife style and I just hated them, I thought to myself; this is not me. But what is “me”? Ohhh that is a rabbit hole question, right? Well, let me tell you what I am not: I am not pastel peaceful artworks, I am not an artsy abstract painter housewife, I am not commercial, not establishment. PTSD is part of me, my life and “love” experiences were quite hard for my highly sensitive soul. And that has mold my personality.

So what is me? You can see it through my body of work. I am bold, dark, sensitive, moody, violent, irascible, broken, audacious, cheeky, rebel, irreverent… and I have a big heart that vibes creating and sharing.

We are not social misfits individuals… we are wounded individuals, survivors….. and we crave authenticity, truth and love.

WHO I AM_UNICA diptychs
Mixed media
50x40cm CANVAS

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