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UNTITLED I & II ( diptych print)

100,00 200,00 

Enjoy minimal abstract art with this high-quality print of an expressive abstract artwork on paper. Characterized by its understated elegance, this piece features meticulous crayon mark making and a bold mix of orange and black. The fusion of minimalism and artistic sophistication makes this print a timeless addition to any space. Bring home this unique artwork that embodies the essence of minimal abstract art, where each mark and stroke creates a sense of balance and refinement.

This is a diptych print so it includes the 2 artworks prints.


BY THE ARTIST (2/2021)

So these boys are one of my favs pieces and they will be in auction soon. It took some courage (and calendar days) for me to proceed after I got these beautiful black stains. WHAT IF I RUIN IT? (meaning what if I do stuff I don’t like and lose this love I was feeling for it). Well.. life is all about detachment..
NOTE FROM 2023: This artwork was auctioned in Catawiki and the buyer, Fernando has become my biggest collector in Europe, having at the moment 3 artworks in his possession.

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