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They Will Go 40x60cm VALENCIA SERIES


This stunning fluo recharged abstract painting is part of VALENCIA SERIES.

This series were born as a transmutation from a very critical life experience. This painting sessions were an oasis to me anchoring me to the present moment and giving me some joy besides what I was going through.❤️

I was feeling lied to, discarded, betrayed, gaslighted, abandoned and rejected… but also feeling dumb and shameful for getting to deep into this trap totally innocent and unguarded.

Valencia was my chosen place to live for one month this summer because I wanted to visit it but also because there was someone special to me living here…  But as I arrived I was first avoided and then told that he was dating someone else since at least from one month ago.

So my spirit was stabbed in the heart and I ended up in a very lonely and sad situation right after my arrival in a city I haven’t been before and I was to stay there for a month.

But I have not abandoned myself. I got up and took care of me. I got myself a crossfit membership on a beach box, I painted mostly all the evenings with a Tinto de Verano, I took myself to the beach some days, I went to run almost every night in the amazing city park “Turia Gardens” and I finally released my new design website (still need to upload all the artwork and fix some details) but it is online finally! My best friend came for a weekend to visit me 🖤 I was with myself through it and this was the key.

This series are a mix of colors and elements and exquisite mark making that I am a big fan of! I am very proud of them and since capturing fluo colors in photographs is quite tricky, I promise this artworks are even more beautiful and lively in person.

They Will Go
Bella stasera SERIES
Mixed media
60x42cm paper

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